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8 Interesting Facts About Washington DC


Last week we took a look at a few things that make Chicago so great. This week we’re turning our attention on Washington DC and highlighting 8 cool and little known facts about the nation’s capitol.

1. Working on the Hill

In Washington DC there is 1 lawyer for every 19 residents in DC and 74 lobbyists for each United States Senator.

2. Work Hard, Play Hard

More wine is consumed per person in Washington DC than any state in the United States.

3. Honoring the Fallen

Every time a soldier is buried, an Arlington Lady is present. There are about 65 Arlington Ladies, and since 1973, the Arlington Ladies have ensured that no Soldier is ever buried alone.

4. A Library of Epic Proportions

The Library of Congress, the biggest library in the country, contains 535 miles of bookshelves. In the Reading Room alone there are 45,000 reference books.

5. Mickey Mouse For President

Washington DC’s song was written by a former Mouseketeer in 1951.

6. Rainy Days

DC averages 39 inches of rainfall a year — more than Seattle!

7. Presidential Pets

Thomas Jefferson had a pet mockingbird that flew freely around the White House unless Jefferson had guests.

8. Schooling the POTUS

Eight U.S. presidents never attended college.

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