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Celebrate the 4th of July Spirit with SideTour

Enjoying our country’s independence with your family and friends doesn’t have to end at the fireworks. Keep the spirit going at a SideTour that ups your grilling game, boosts your bartending skills or even teaches you a thing or two about the American Revolution itself.



Become a Grill Master Expand your repertoire beyond hotdogs and hamburgers in this upcoming SideTour, where you’ll prep and grill impressive recipes including grilled guacamole, Chimichurri steak, whiskey pineapple and bacon-wrapped shrimp.

Discover Midwest Wines American vineyards aren’t only relegated to the East and West coasts. This SideTour, held on Tuesday evenings in a charming café in Evanston, will introduce you to fine vino produced right along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Washington DC


Drink Like a Founding Father What’s a celebration of independence without a spirited toast? On this SideTour for private groups, you and your crew will visit a number of historic and modern watering holes on Capital Hill and learn about their hidden (and sometimes scandalous) history while partaking in a beverage or two.

New York City

Learn to Grill Vegetarian Cookouts are typically a meat eaters’ paradise. At this SideTour on July 27, you’ll make your vegetarian (and omnivore) friends very happy, after you’ve learned to make smoky black bean burgers, sweet potato and wild rice burgers and lentil Greek-style falafel patties from a four-star chef.


Sip and Savor Fine Wines At this SideTour experience at Chelsea Wine Vault, a wine buyer and expert will walk you through the sampling of six carefully selected vintages, helping you hone your tasting skills. You’ll leave with new confidence (and not just the kind that comes from liquid courage).


Taste Pie Perfection There’s nothing much more American than this crust-covered baked delicacy. This SideTour for private groups has you sampling slices both savory and sweet, such as creamy chicken tarragon pie and croque-monsieur, or salted chocolate meringue and butterscotch bourbon custard pie. You’ll also pick up a tip or two to boost your own baking skills.


Experience The Fight for Freedom A commemoration of the 4th isn’t complete without a small reminder of how we got that independence in the first place. This July 27 SideTour experience takes you to Valley Forge, where you’ll hear the lesser-known stories of the soldiers that wintered there, including the future original POTUS George Washington.


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