A Chicago Landmark That Inspired Frank Lloyd Wright

The Unique Glessner House in the Prairie Avenue Historic District

Where to see it

Find the Glessner House on Prairie Ave and 18th St. It’s one of several grand homes on Prairie Ave built in the Gilded Age with the new money from the Industrial Revolution.

Why it’s important

Completed in 1887, the house was co-designed by architect Henry Hobson Richardson and homeowners John and Frances Glessner—an unprecedented collaboration for the time. The Romanesque, fortress-like stone exterior is quite a departure from the fussy Victorian style, and considered among the first examples of American architecture and an influence to Frank Lloyd Wright. Continue Reading

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Idea

If Mom lives in the New York, D.C. or Chicago areas (or has plans to be in town), consider your Mother’s Day gift shopping done.

SideTour has partnered with H. Bloom to put together the perfect Mother’s Day gift package. Mom will receive a stunning Signature Selection Bouquet from H.Bloom, plus a $40 credit toward any SideTour experience. That means in NYC she can enjoy a ladies’ afternoon high tea, in DC she could learn the secrets of homemade Italian desserts, or in Chicago she might whip up some all-natural skincare remedies for spring.

The whole package is $100 and includes delivery on the Saturday before Mother’s day.

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Snapshot of Chicago Friends and Family SideTours

Revae Schneider, one of Chicago’s premier mixologists, works her magic on a cocktail.

A collage of delicious cocktails made by Revae’s happy SideTour guests.

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7 City-Inspired Halloween Costumes

1. Batman

Pros: Gotham’s hero. Maximum crime-fighting potential. Pop culturally relevant.

Cons: We say this one is a win-win.

2. Over-excited Tourist

Pros: It’s the one time you can wear your “I heart New York” shirt outside without getting any dirty looks from your neighbors.

Cons: You’ll have to actually spend money on the marked up tourist stuff sold by the street hawkers. Don’t forget the Empire State Building pencil sharpener!

3. Statue of Liberty

Pros: Conveys a strong sense of patriotism. You can hide beer in your torch when walking past cops.

Cons: Your arm might get tired.

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9 Things to Do in Chicago Before You Kick the Bucket


In honor of our upcoming Chicago launch later this month and a few Friends and Family experiences happening this week, we caught up with a few people who can’t get enough of The Windy City. Here’s a list of 9 things they say you need to do in Chi-town.

1. Chase the Story

Spend an afternoon in the editorial offices at the Chicago Tribune after having traveled around the city with a reporter/cameraman.

Thanks to Author Michele Howe for the tip.

2. Get Your Heart Rate Up

Thanks to Robert Smith and Kimberly Eberl for the tips. 

3. Respect Your Elders

Go to Hemingway Museum in Oak Park. He’s a fascinating figure and one of America’s finest authors and journalists.

Thanks to Daniel Lobring for the tip.

4. See Green

Attend the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Thanks to Sophia Mitchell for the tip.

5. Blow Some Bubbles

Visit the Shedd Aquarium.

Thanks to Artist Pablo Solomon for the tip.

6. Look Up

Go on the River Architecture Cruise hosted by the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

Thanks to Kat Podmolik for the tip.

7. Look Everywhere

Participate in Chicago Scavenger Hunt. It pairs interests in history/architecture with geeky game show personas. A race to the end!

Thanks to Kelly Daugherty for the tip.

8. Grab a Bite

Over eat at the Purple Pig and Moto.

Thanks to Analisa Shah for the tip. 

9. Save Room for Dessert

Head to Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, which is in a really nice neighborhood restaurant with GREAT desserts and maybe the best hot chocolate I have ever had, anywhere! Don’t forget to try the homemade marshmallows.

Thanks to Joe Harberg for the tip. 


7 Interesting Things You Need to Know About Chicago

Now that we’re headed to Chicago, we wanted to do a little research into what makes this one of the greatest cities in the Midwest. We’re sure this list is just the tip of the iceberg, but we’re still very impressed.

1. True Love’s Found Through a Smartphone

The first couple to find love and get married because of Words with Friends resides in Chicago.

2. There’s Always Something To Do

The city is home to around 40 museums, 200 theaters, 200 independent art galleries, and over 7000 restaurants.

3. A (Special) River Runs Through It

Not only is the River dyed green on St. Patty’s Day, it also flows backwards! It was reversed in 1900 to empty into the Mississippi River instead of Lake Michigan.

4. An American Favorite Got a Start Here

Chicagoans invented the Twinkie.

5. Chicago’s a Natural Talent

ER, Family Matters, Married with Children, Batman Begins, The Dark Night, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off were all set in Chicago.

6. The Lincoln Park Zoo’s Always Free

Probably because they only had to pay $10 for their first animal, a bear cub.

7. Going Postal Is Easier

Want to drive your car through the post office? The Chicago outpost is the only one in the country where you can. 

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