Hot in Philly: Taxidermy in the City

If you’ve already spent afternoons strolling down Market Street and people-watching at the Gallery, then you’re probably looking for something a bit more unique this summer. Take a walk in someone else’s shoes and dip your toes into something new with this offbeat weekend option.


Take on Taxidermy This Saturday afternoon, join SideTour for a taxidermy workshop in Kensington. Spend over two hours with Beth Beverly, an artist, fashion designer and licensed taxidermist, and participate in an interactive demonstration of the preservation and mounting of a recently deceased chicken.

TaxidermyCapture the Moment Once the demo’s done, you’ll have time left to explore Beth’s quirky workshop, trying on some wearable animal creations for a very special photo op. If that doesn’t banish the run-of-the-mill Saturday blahs, we don’t know what will!

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