The Most Beautiful Gate Hidden in Philadelphia

Philadelphia blacksmith Louise Pezzi, whose ironwork adorns several National Historic Landmark churches, points to this as the most exquisite exterior gate in town.

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The Coolest Event of Philadelphia’s Tech Week


What’s on tap: Philly Tech Week officially begins April 20, but Friday’s kickoff event is a can’t-miss, especially for nostalgia gamers and kids of the ‘70s and ‘80s: a 400-plus-foot-tall version of the Atari arcade favorite, Pong. The interactive game will be played out on the north side of the Cira Centre starting at 8pm. Continue Reading

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7 City-Inspired Halloween Costumes

1. Batman

Pros: Gotham’s hero. Maximum crime-fighting potential. Pop culturally relevant.

Cons: We say this one is a win-win.

2. Over-excited Tourist

Pros: It’s the one time you can wear your “I heart New York” shirt outside without getting any dirty looks from your neighbors.

Cons: You’ll have to actually spend money on the marked up tourist stuff sold by the street hawkers. Don’t forget the Empire State Building pencil sharpener!

3. Statue of Liberty

Pros: Conveys a strong sense of patriotism. You can hide beer in your torch when walking past cops.

Cons: Your arm might get tired.

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