What To Do in Philly This Weekend: 3 Historic Walks

If you’re in town this weekend, it’s time to take a walk. See a hidden side of the city with SideTour, and discover Philly’s roots as a bastion of religious freedom, civil engineering and manifest destiny—then impress your friends with fascinating tidbits.

SATURDAY: “Holy Experiment” Walk Philly was founded on the idea of free worship—a radical concept in 1682. Stroll through Old City and Society Hill this Saturday, and historical guide Steve Zettler will introduce you to the congregations of the city, and the protests, fires and fights they faced while upholding Philly’s holy dream.

SATURDAY: Lewis and Clark Walk While the famed explorers hooked up with Sacagawea in St. Louis before venturing into the uncharted West, they laid the groundwork for their famous field trip right here in Philly. On Saturday’s tour of Old City with scholar and history junkie Alicia DeMaio, you’ll hear about Lewis’s ill-fated provision purchase of 193 pounds of soup, among his other (more successful) Philly-based preparations.

SUNDAY: Ben Franklin Bridge Walk This revolutionary 1920s suspension bridge connected the city to New Jersey and changed the course of commerce and engineering. Harry Kyriakodis, a local historian and author, lives and breathes the bridge (literally—his home is on the waterfront), and on his SideTour this Sunday, he’ll share his unique insights as you walk across it.

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