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What’s New: This Week’s Latest Experiences

Looking for your next summer adventure? We’ve got you covered. Every week, SideTour is finding the most unique people in your city and connecting you with awesome underground happenings. Check out a few recently added SideTour experiences, and as always, see all of our one-of-a-kind excursions on our homepage.

New York                                                     


Explore the Lavish Homes and History of Millionaire’s Mile 

Discover the decadent architecture of a renowned section of this midtown Manhattan neighborhood.



Pick Up the Secrets to Making Mole at a Oaxacan Cooking Party

Learn how to make traditional mole sauces while enjoying Oaxacan cuisine and cocktails.



Uncover the Life of Ben Franklin in Old City

Navigate through Old City to explore the life of the Founding Father and uncover the era in which he lived.



Refine Your Chocolate Palate at a Blind Sweets Tasting 

Discover how to differentiate taste profiles of single-origin chocolates sourced from around the world.

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