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SideTour Experiences Launch on Groupon

Leaves are falling, jack-o-lanterns are lanterning, and when you can’t turn the corner without bumping into a pumpkin spice latte, you know that fall’s arrived. Here at SideTour, fall has brought some awesome changes for us, too: The first batch of our experiences is officially up and running on Groupon. This means that the best of our outdoor excursions, intimate dining workshops, and artistic explorations are yours for the memory making. What will your next fall adventure be?

NYC—Make Your Own Paella and Gazpacho with a Spanish Chef

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SideTour has been acquired by Groupon

The most important decision each of us makes is how we spend our time.

This is the guiding principle behind SideTour. For our hosts, it’s about creating a place where they can support their talents and passions by sharing them with others. For our customers, it’s about discovering new experiences and activities that create lasting memories and connections.

Small Team, Big Dreams

Our goal has always been to bring this vision to every corner of the globe. We shared this idea with the Groupon team when we first met them at our TechStars New York demo day, just two months after launching SideTour in August 2011.

After launching in four cities, our paths crossed again this past spring. We partnered on some events this summer, having a handful of SideTour hosts offer their experiences at full-price on Groupon. The feedback from both customers and hosts was great. This also gave us a chance to get to know the talented team at Groupon and hear their vision for what is possible in the world of local commerce.

There is a ton of overlap in what we were both trying to achieve. And it became apparent pretty quickly that SideTour belonged at Groupon. That by being part of a company that’s in 48 countries and has more than 40 million active users, we’d be able to make our global ambitions a reality much faster than our small team could ever have imagined.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that SideTour is now a part of Groupon!

Our customers and our hosts have come to love SideTour, which is why our platform isn’t going anywhere. Even more new experiences will be added to sidetour.com every week. There will be time later to share more about what SideTour + Groupon means for our growing community, but in summary: it means a lot more people in a lot more cities will be joining in the fun.

It’s difficult to put into words how excited our team is. We’re all at SideTour because we believe that the world is full of talented people, and that there are countless experiences out there yet to be had. And at Groupon, we’ll be able to reach so many more people than we ever could on our own.

Making Every Moment Count

Life is short. And it’s important to make sure your time is spent meaningfully. At SideTour, my co-founders and I have been lucky enough to spend the past two years working with an outstanding team that we think of as our family, building a community of hosts and customers that we all think of as our extended family. Now we’re excited to become part of the Groupon family.

It’s been an incredible journey so far. This is just a short break to reflect. Tomorrow we take the first steps of the second part of this adventure. And I can’t wait to get started!

Vipin Goyal

Vipin Goyal
Co-Founder & CEO

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Enjoy $20 on Us: Summer is Still on at SideTour

At SideTour, we’re all about finding awesome experiences and trying new things, and there’s no better time to do so than the summer. Make the most of the last days of summer and enjoy a $20 SideTour credit towards any experience purchased before midnight on September 3rd. The credit is good for one experience per user, and you can choose from any upcoming SideTour. Experience the cocktails and chronicles of Harlem’s revival in NYCexplore Philly’s secret urban jungle on a viaduct tourcapture the craft of season cocktails using fresh fruit in Chicagogo gallery-hopping with a contemporary art collector in DC and much more. To view all of the available experiences in your city, visit our New YorkPhillyDC and Chicago landing pages to find your favorite.

Redeem here: http://sdtr.co/12PfWYa and cheers to making summer last!


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What’s New: This Week’s Latest Experiences

Looking for your next summer adventure? We’ve got you covered. Every week, SideTour is finding the most unique people in your city and connecting you with awesome underground happenings. Check out a few recently added SideTour experiences, and as always, see all of our one-of-a-kind excursions on our homepage.

New York                                                     


Explore the Lavish Homes and History of Millionaire’s Mile 

Discover the decadent architecture of a renowned section of this midtown Manhattan neighborhood.



Pick Up the Secrets to Making Mole at a Oaxacan Cooking Party

Learn how to make traditional mole sauces while enjoying Oaxacan cuisine and cocktails.



Uncover the Life of Ben Franklin in Old City

Navigate through Old City to explore the life of the Founding Father and uncover the era in which he lived.



Refine Your Chocolate Palate at a Blind Sweets Tasting 

Discover how to differentiate taste profiles of single-origin chocolates sourced from around the world.

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